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Prices for our cakes, cupcakes, and cookies depend on the complexity of the design, size, filling etc.  In order to calculate the most accurate quote, some basic details are required: Item, theme and date of your celebration, flavor, number of servings.  If you have photos or ideas for a design you would like, we'd love to see them as well.

We respect the privacy of our customers. Therefore, under no circumstances will your contact information be shared with third parties

Ordering form

Please leave your info and we will get back to you


Please advise us if there are any allergies for this order

Please open PDF file with a Quick Reference guide of our serving sizes and flavor selections.

Payment method:
Сash or Сheck 

We appreciate your business and will require a deposit of 20% for new customers or orders over $150.00. Generally we ask orders are placed 7 days from date of delivery, if we receive a request in less than 7 days we will advise if we cannot fulfill. Currently servicing the South Shore community in MA

Hannover, MA
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